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"We enable access to technology and household appliances to millions of consumers worldwide."

Conplex International Ltd is a Hong Kong based manufacturer and open market distributor of consumer electronics and household appliances. As a $1 billion conglomerate with a global footprint, we facilitate the world's biggest, best and most well-known technology brands, right from original design & manufacturing services to supply chain management, from logistics to after sales support.

We design, develop, distribute and trade Feature Phones, Smart Phones, Digital Cameras, Entertainment Systems, Gaming Consoles, Home appliances and a great deal more.

Creating Quality

Our production & design experts work with major brands to ensure strict adherence to manufacturing specifications and guidelines. International standards & quality conformity certifications are always prioritized and obtained for the various product categories we deal in.

Global Reach

With over a decade of experience in operating in different geographies, our teams understand the nuances of working with people from different countries and cultures. We have the operational expertise of working with different countries and their tax and legal structures, our team has vast experience in managing business worldwide, not bound by geographical limitations.

Our global perspective enables us to plan, execute and deliver products and services across borders.

We keenly support our partners as they enter new territories or grow in existing ones, especially with challenges related to distribution channels, supply chain logistics, product trading platforms and market development.

Optimum Operational Efficiency

At Conplex International Ltd we deliver customer value. Process management, defect prevention and eradication, and an unrelenting quest to continuously improve all enable us to maintain our technology leadership.

A combination of trustworthy, steady and receptive sourcing efficiency, proficient human capital, an excellent distribution network, a dependable approach to business, strongly supported by a reliable network of collaborators and customers has propelled our growth.



Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Kitchen Appliances,
Solar Products, IT accessories


Mobile Phones, Memory Cards, Active Accessories


Mobile Phones , Tablets, Micro SD Cards, Accessories


Hi End Mobile Phones, Music PODs, Tablets,
Cameras, IT products

Global Footprints

  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • China
  • Singapore
  • USA
  • UK
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Mozambique
  • Nigeria
  • Nepal


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