Robust Global Delivery Network

Trading & Distribution

We help you optimize your supply chain & delivery cycles globally with our trading & distribution services and help reduce your transportation costs as well as help you attain greater supply chain visibility.

With our worldwide coverage, brands increase their reach in new and existing markets while reducing costs related to logistics. Quicker go-to-market turnaround time and a sustainable trading and distribution system across the world enable you to manage and adapt to changing market conditions and consumer demand swiftly. Finished products reach consumers quickly and efficiently.

We have efficient and highly organized supply chain design tools which solve all your logistics challenges. We plan and manage technology supply chains, right from component sourcing to configure-to-order; bringing our clients the very best combination of service and the lowest possible total costs from origination to final delivery.

We enable supplier connectivity by providing the exposure you need to see everything in real-time, evaluate it and act on it promptly and appropriately. End-to-end visibility helps you respond to and satisfy your customers, giving you a decisive edge over your rivals.

Global Network

By working with key supply chain players in different countries - agents, distributors, wholesalers and retailers - we ensure your products are priced optimally by the time they hit retail shelves. Our multi-modal logistcs network includes sea, air and land freight transportation, which helps us expedite delivery and ensure your products arrive swiftly, safely and at economical costs.

We pride ourselves on real-time consignment visibility via web-based tracking systems. Our digital, centralized consignment management system facilitates product and part requisitions anywhere in the world.